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A Comprehensive Guide-How to Bypass iCloud Activation Lock

Apple created iCloud Activation Lock as a security tool to stop illegal access to misplaced or pilfered iOS devices. When an Apple device is locked with an iCloud account, it cannot be unlocked or the iCloud account deleted until the original owner does. Although this feature is intended to safeguard user information and deter theft, it can also provide a difficult challenge for rightful owners who have misplaced or forgotten their login information. Thankfully, Activation Lock can be removed without the prior owner’s knowledge. This post will teach you how to do so using four tested techniques.

The necessity of bypassing iCloud Activation Lock

One may need to unlock iPhone locked to owner or get past the iCloud activation lock for a number of reasons.

Lost Your iCloud Passwords

Even if it’s your own smartphone, you won’t be able to unlock it if you’ve lost your iCloud username and password.
Acquired a Secondhand Electronic Device
It’s possible that a secondhand Apple device you purchased from someone else is still locked to their iCloud account, making it unavailable for usage.
A Locked Device I Inherited
To access a device and its contents, you might have to get past the iCloud Activation Lock if you acquired it from a friend or relative who has passed away.
Fixing or Replacing Devices

When fixing or replacing a device, you might occasionally need to get around the iCloud Activation Lock—especially if the original owner isn’t around.

Ways to bypass iCloud Activation Lock

The iCloud Activation Lock can be removed using a variety of techniques, each with pros and cons of their own. The most popular techniques consist of:

Using a Tool to Bypass iCloud Activation Lock
The iCloud Activation Lock can be removed with a number of third-party programs, such as TunesKit Activation Unlocker.
Getting in touch with Apple Support
In some circumstances, particularly if you can produce identification or a legitimate purchase receipt, you might be able to unlock your iPhone by working with Apple Support.
Putting the gadget back to its original settings
Sometimes the iCloud Activation Lock can be removed by returning the iPhone to factory settings, however doing so would remove all of the data from it.
Changing the Logic Board of the Device

The iCloud Activation Lock may occasionally be removed by swapping out the logic board, or main circuit board, of the iPhone, but this is a difficult and costly procedure that should only be performed by qualified experts.

How to bypass iCloud Activation Lock

Although there are numerous tools accessible, it’s critical to select one that is reliable and has a successful track record. Make sure to adhere to the directions supplied by the tool’s creators as each tool may have somewhat different stages. Here’s a step-by-step tutorial on how to use a third-party program (like TunesKit Activation Unlocker) to get around the iCloud Activation Lock:

Download and install TunesKit Activation Unlocker on yourlaptop/computer. Launch it and connect your device to the computer using a USB cable. Then click “Start”.

iCloud Activation Lock

Next, click the “Jailbreak Tutorial” to jailbreak the device.

iCloud Activation Lock

After that, click “Start to Remove” to remove the activation lock without a previous owner. Then, the Activation Lock will be successfully removed.

iCloud Activation Lock

A few minutes to many hours may pass during the bypass procedure, depending on the equipment and device. After it’s finished, make sure you can use the device and that the iCloud Activation Lock has been effectively removed.

Extra advice on how to get around iCloud Activation Lock

Here are some more pointers and strategies to assist you get past the iCloud Activation Lock:

Make a backup of your data: Since trying to get around the iCloud Activation Lock can cause data loss, make sure you back up any vital information on the device before proceeding.
Maintain the device’s charge: Throughout the bypass procedure, make sure the device’s battery is sufficiently charged because a low battery can make the procedure fail.
Be persistent and patient: It can take some time to successfully bypass the iCloud Activation Lock, and it might take numerous tries.

Other ways to get around the iCloud Activation Lock

There are a few other options you might think about if the aforementioned techniques don’t work to get around the iCloud Activation Lock:

Speak with the Original Owner: If you came into possession of a locked device or bought a used one, attempt to speak with the original owner and request that they delete the iCloud account from the device.
Seek Professional Assistance: A professional repair expert or service provider may be able to help you if you feel uncomfortable trying to get around the iCloud Activation Lock on your own.
Invest in a New gadget: In the event that everything else fails, you might need to buy a new gadget that will let you create a new iCloud account.


It can be difficult and complicated to get around the iCloud Activation Lock, but with the correct resources and skills, you can unlock your device and get back access to your data and apps. You may handle the procedure securely and effectively while avoiding typical hazards and blunders by following the steps provided in this tutorial.

If you’re having trouble with an iCloud Activation Lock and need help, you might want to try contacting Apple Support or a reputable repair shop. Recall that the procedure can be delicate, so you should proceed cautiously and patiently.

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