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How to Handle Negative Feelings after Having a Bad Exam?

We can understand the stress before the exam. But the frustration when you come out of the exam hall with a feeling that it didn’t go well is like a nightmare.

It’s time to be relaxed once the exam is over, but you can’t when you think that you have not done well in the exam. Though this may be just your imagination, you surely need some help overcoming this feeling.

Before you go for anything after the exam, you should understand one thing that failure is just a part of life and not an end. Everybody fails once or more during their journey for success. But if you use every failure as a stepping stone, success will be a sure thing. Since the failure in an exam is not the end but an interval, you should take it as a lesson and get ready for better performance. Most probably, you did not know about helpful services such as

However, there should obviously be some motivation and guidance to help you come out of the inferiority complex and boost your lowered confidence. We have discussed some points here that will play this important role in bringing you out of the bad feelings and motivating you to get ready for the next exams.

inferiority complex

Understand your emotions

Feeling bad is obvious, but you should analyze yourself instead of letting your emotions take over your behavior. Check what you are feeling. Is it fear, shame, inferiority complex, regret, confusion, frustration or anger? Knowing your feelings will enable you to take steps to control them so that it can’t affect your health, relations, and future.

Talk to your family and friends

Those close to you understand your worth and would never leave you alone when you need them. Share your feelings and thoughts with your close friends and family members who can understand you and support you. It’s the best way to get the frustration off your mind and feel relieved. They will also help you stay motivated for better performance in the future.

Don’t look for the excuses

If you feel you have not performed well in your exam, accept it. Don’t try to find the excuses as it will not help but will reduce the chances of improvement in your future exam. Accept your responsibility and start preparing for future battles.

Don’t lose your confidence

A good result in the exam shows how prepared you were, but a failure shows how tough you are. If you feel you are going to get a low grade or negative result, don’t lose your confidence. There is always the next opportunity and you can do better with proper planning and preparation. So have a positive attitude and high confidence and affirm yourself that you will achieve great results next time.

Failure is temporary

As said in the previous paragraph, there is always the next opportunity. Failing once doesn’t mean the end of your academic career. In any area of life, success comes to those who get up and start preparing with even harder efforts when they fail. Analyze your preparation and find out the reasons where you fell short. Work around them and come up with even better planning and a strong determination. If you do so, nothing can stop you from being successful.

Check for the other options

Most of the schools, colleges, and universities conduct re-test within a few months for subjects or modules. So, if you think your preparation was not enough for a subject and have a strong feeling that you will fail in it, you should start preparing for the retest. Take help from a tutor if needed. You can find many experienced tutors online.

It may also be the case that a module or a subject is not counted for your overall score. In this case, if you think you would pass that module or subject but not with a high score, you don’t need to worry at all. So, check for the options. It may help relieve your stress.

Get ready for the next exam

No matter how bad your result is, you always have another chance to do well. Many students go into depressions and it does nothing but worsens the situation. So what if you fail in an exam? Do you have options to retest and go ahead? If not, you can take a repeat semester or year. It’s just another chance to do better and not the end of your life.

Don’t let any negative emotion take control of your life. Be strong and get ready for future exams. If you are weak in any subject, you can always look for a tutor. There are many websites that provide online tuitions by expert tutors. Take their help and improve your knowledge and understanding of the concerned subjects.


Above tips, mixed with your courage, determination, ambitious dreams, positive self-talk, and focused efforts, will help you stay motivated while getting ready for your future exams.

Best of luck!

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